Cemalettin Tunç EFE

Konya Kağıt Inc. is a company with a 31-years of history and accumulated knowledge in its industry, which is loyal to ethical values, possessing a respectful approach to human and animal rights, high environmental awareness, constantly educating and renewing itself according to the conditions of the era, having a high level of technological knowledge, and able to feel and think with its strong body of employees; it considers the pubbshing and printing houses it works with as its business partners, and serves with an understanding that creates value increase by producing special products for them.

We determine our strategies by imagining the future with futurological approaches, analyzing them with different scenarios, predicting possi­ble future developments and world trends. This gives us rapid adapta­tion and flexibility in development and change

Konya Kağıt Inc. is a recipient of the FSC -CoC Forest Stewardship Council certificate, and with this document, it undertakes to protect natural forests and prevent the degradation of forest Ufe and ecosys­tem. reduce the use of pesticides harmful to the environment, not use genetically modified trees, and has committed to respect the bfe of local people Uving around forests and to respect plant and animal rights.

Our export strategy is “Think globally, act locally”.

We produce 97% of our paper production utibzing unbroken rolls, and we constantly re-brake our own records.

As the founder of the Turkish Repubbc Mustafa Kemal Atatürk stated; “It is education that lets a nation Uve as a free, independent, glorious, noble and great society; or abandons it to captivity and squabdity.’

The top priority for the development of a country is education and well-equipped manpower. There is no other product or service in the world today that yields a faster return than money invested in edu­cation.

If the future of our country will be actualized with an educated and well-trained young population. “PAPER INDUSTRY” is an indispensa­ble part of this.

Konya Kağıt Inc., one of the leading companies in the industry with 31 years of history and experi­ence, operates in Konya Organised Industrial Zone since 1989 at the 85 thousand square meters of an area where half of it is sheltered.

Konya Kağıt Inc., which constantly holds its place either in the top 500 or second 500 list of Istanbul Chamber of Industry -ISO (Istanbul Sanayi Odası) since 1998, keeps creating values for the indus­try with its average of 300 employees. Konya Kağıt Inc. has three main production sites in Konya which comprises paper production, printing house & packaging, and notebook production facilities.

Paper Factory

Has a capacity of 100 thousand tons per year and produces high- grade FSC certificated white woodfree offset paper rolls and sheets in a range of 50 to 200 g/m2 that comply with TS 11610 standards; also produces FSC certificated copy papers in A3, A4, A5 sizes that comply with TS EN 12281 standards.

The ivory and other colored papers are produced with the X-RITE fully automated control system.

Our facility, which promotes nature, forest and environmental sensitivities in paper production, has the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) – CoC (Chain of Custody) certificate which has worldwide validity. All cellulosic raw material used in the production process are obtained from the plantation fields.

The origin and quality of the cellulose being used, where our FSC certificated paper product earned five stars.

All the raw materials processed in our factory are ordered in accordance with the procurement contract and accepted after applying the quality check procedures at the arrival. The quality of all our products is controlled using automated control equipment and the samples are tested with the Latest technology equipment in our Laboratories before shipment permit Konya Kağıt Inc. closely follows the global production technologies and all the production process is controlled with DCS and QCS control systems starting from pulp preparation to calendar stack..

Roll Paper Slitting Section

The paper roll slitting section has a daily capacity of 300 tons in various sizes. The calendar stacks produced at the designated quality program are quality checked and slit into paper rolls in various sizes according to customer orders. The interior and exterior roll diameters also vary depending on customer orders.

Paper Sheet Cutsize Section

In paper sizes cutting section, the paper she­ets are cut in standard or custom sizes per customer requests and packaged by auto­mated systems with a capacity of 100 tons per day.

The palettes of high-grade papers prepared by highly sensitive automatic counting mac­hines are dispatched to the warehouse after packaging and stretch wrapping.

Copy Paper Cutsize Section

The paper rolls produced at photocopy standards in our paper machine are cut with automatic machines without hand touch, also automatically packaged in boxes, stocked on pallettes, and dispatched to the wa­rehouse. The photocopy paper cutting section has a daily capacity of ıoo tons.



Notebook Factory

Has a notebook production capacity of 10 thousand tons per year and produces var¬ious types of notebooks with 4544 Notebook Standards such as spiral notebook, all types of saddle stitch staple binding notebooks, carton or plastic spiral PP cover spe¬cial design notebooks, notebooks with separator pages, calligraphy notebooks, paint¬ing notebooks and sheets, parchment papers, A4/A5 notepads, and railroad boards.

Printing Press And Packaging Facilities

Konya Press, Printing and Packaging Plant a big family, as all 102 employees and geography to Turkey a factory that will appeal…

Konya Kağıt Inc. Packaging Facilities have proven their place and permanence in the sector with the completed investment program by responding to all kinds of cardboard packaging needs from food to spare parts, from cleaning materials to medicine boxes with its expert, experienced, printing-trained staff. With these investments, the current 6,000 tons of card­board consumption capacity of our facility has increased to 20,000 tons and has become a complete cardboard packaging and offset printed plastered box production facility.


to raise your products to leadership with our packaging!

It has a capacity of processing 20 thousand tons of cardboards per year that can print on any type of dublex board in various grammages between 180 gr and 450 gr. Besides, we also produce offset printed and corrugated E wave packaging boxes.
In our facility, we can create all types of graphic design, process Latest technology CTP molding, and quality check in all phases of production and thus meet the customer expectations at the highest level.
Our facility owns ISO 9001: Quality Management System Certificate. Besides, it has the FSC – CoC (Forest Stewardship Council – Chain of Custody) 40-004 certificate. This assures the FSC certified production in accordance with cus¬tomer demands. In addition to all these certifications, our facility also has the FOGRA Process Standards ISO 12647 Certificate which provides a worldwide offset printing quality assurance.

R&D / Quality Assu Rance

Konya Kağıt Inc. matching the world-class quality and having a Ministery of Environment certified waste treatment unit operates nonstop around the clock for 24 hours. The waste of the factory is treated in a way that it does not pollute the environment, complying with the terms of the Ministry of Environment.
after applying the quality check procedures at the arrival The quality of all our products is controlled using automated control equipment and the samples are tested with the latest technology equipment in our laboratories before shipment permit.