The first channel of the product is its packaging. The way to produce packages that stand out is through courage. And we are a company that takes our success from our courage. We consider ourselves as a company that adds courage to packaging. The compa­nies that are at peace with nature, aiming the future and focusing on people are organizations that add value to the future. It’s like one big family Konya Kağıt- Packaging Facility… In fact, all 102 employees and geography to Turkey a factory that will appeal…

Konya Kağıt Inc. Packaging Facilities have proven their place and permanence in the sector with the completed investment program by responding to all kinds of cardboard packaging needs from food to spare parts, from cleaning materials to medicine boxes, with its expert, experienced, printing training staff. With these investments, the current 6,000 tons of cardboard consumption capacity of our facility has increased to 20,000 tons and has become a complete cardboard packaging and offset printed plastered box production fa­cility. Our company, which has become the most equipped facility in the region and continues to make investments to protect it, serves a wide geographical segment by taking advantage of its location. This company, which has redefined the standards in the offset printed cardboard packaging sector since 1989, is a global company that of­fers the best quality and best service to its customers all over the world with all domestic capital.

In our facility, which operates in the field of printing and packaging production, all kinds of graphic design work, the latest system CTP mold preparation, offset printing on all kinds of cardboard between 225 g and 450 g Konya Kağıt Inc.. Packaging Facilities strengthened its knowledge and experience since 1989 with major investments made in early 2011..

With these investments, it was opened to the sector in the field of offset printed microwave cardboard packaging production. Our facility manages to meet customer expectations at the highest level by adopting the principle of providing reasonable prices, fast product delivery and high quality. Konya Kağıt Inc. Packaging Facilities are an integrated facility that can provide uninterrupted service thanks to the state-of-the-art pre-press equipment, offset printing machi­nes and post-printing units, and paper-cardboard stocks that are always available. Thanks to the system where quality control is carried out at all stages, that can print at world standards in the offset printing stage and provides this standard in a controlled manner from the first to the last printing, it causes customers to prefer our facility in the first place. Konya Kağıt Ambalaj, which is in a great effort to follow all technological innovations and developments closely and transfer it to its own structure, has reached its deserved place in the, sectors with its dynamic and young staff. It tries to be a leader in technological innovations and studies among all other companies in its sector. Always making the best in production and adopting after-sales customer satisfaction as a basic principle, Konya Kağıt Ambalaj adhered to the basic principles of ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system at every stage of production and directed its production. Konya Kağıt Inc. Completed the certification process within the scope of FSC CoC (Forest Protection and Custody Chain) 40-004 Standard; Since the beginning of 2012, it has been able to products with FSC in accordance with customer requests. In addition, FOGRA Process Standard ISO 12647, which is a world-class offset printing quality certificate, is available.

Prepress, Graphics Design and Offset Plate Preparation

In our graphic design unit, using graphic design programs on the latest system computers, studies are carried out in accordance with the product and customer demands and turned into models. CTP mold is prepared for the works whose design has been completed and approved, and it is made ready for offset printing. Offset printing plates are pre­pared with computer-to-plate exposure technology. The color harmony of the design and offset printing is exactly the same.

Roll to Sheet Cutsize Machine (2 Pieces)

Cardboard, which is our raw material, for orders whose prepress processes are completed, It is taken from the warehouse as a roll and sheet in the sizing machine according to the desired size.

Offset Printing Machine KBA Rapida 142-6 + Lacquer

With our state-of-the-art 6-color offset printing machine, printing is done in accordance with world standards. Printing is made in accordance with customer demands from 4 to 6 colors, and in the last unit, dispersion lacquer is printed to prevent scratch­ing and to have a brighter appearance. Printing is made on all kinds of paper cardboard in 102×142 size from 60 grams to 450 grams cardboard. It has the technological equipment that minimizes the error rate by making the necessary corrections without stopping the production at the time of printing. Our machine, which can make color control with completely digital control, can produce 15.000 sheets per hour.

UV Varnishing Machine ( 1 Piece 70x100cm &? 1 Piece 100x140cm )

The products of our customers who demand UV varnish after printing are passed through the UV lac machine. In case of demand, OPP coating is also made.

Lamination Machine ( 2 Pieces 145cm )

Offset printed cartons are combined by lamination with an open corrugation as E, B or dopel EB in the lamination machine.

Die Cutting Machine ( 1 Piece 72x102cm & 3 Pieces 102x142cm )

Box cuts, pilling and perforated scars are made with special cutting knives. Single layer cardboard between 200-450 grams and cardboard boxes with E, B, C wave, EB dopel and BC dopel plaster can be cut.

Cardboard Refuse Unit

The cut sheets are separated from the edge clippings and made ready for folding. The trimmed clippings are pressed in the machine, turned into bales and shipped for recycling.

Window Patching Machine

For the boxes where windows are requested, acetate window patching is done.

Box Folder Gluer Machine ( 2 Pieces 115cm & 2 Pieces 145cm )

In this section, which is the last stage of production, the boxes are folded and glued, packed and palletized and made ready for shipment. Many different box types can be produced as side gluing, 2, 3, 4, 6 points. Zero defect production is made in our machines thanks to the hot glue system.

Quality Control Unit

The samples are taken by the quality control unit in accordance with the specifications of all raw materi­als and auxiliary materials and after they are tested in the relevant test devices, the input is accepted and delivered to the warehouses. The quality control unit performs very pre­cise product controls at all stages of production, including pre-press graphic design and pattern preparation, and the customer is provided with an error-free product.